The Importance of a Pantry


A well-stocked pantry is essential for any good home chef.

Learning to store, prepare, and use the products we keep in our pantry can lead to better meals, healthier bodies, and helps create less food waste. That last part, the food waste, mostly happens right in our own homes. 

Whether you’re working with a walk-in pantry or a cabinet space in New York City (our team has experience with both), it’s important to not only make the most of your pantry space, but the ingredients and products inside it. Sourcing high-quality recipes that play on some of the same ingredients means you’ll use the products you open, and you’ll be inspired to open them in the first place. Ever ended up with expired cans-of-something that kept getting shoved to the back shelf until it ended up in the trash? 

Curating products that are healthy (sustainable Skipjack Tuna), versatile (coconut milk that can be used in dishes both savory and sweet), enhance the flavors of fresh foods (Chinese Five Spice), and fun (boba pearls!) make cooking and meal-prepping easier, more enjoyable, and taste better than ever before. 

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If you’re looking for more tips on how to organize your pantry space, check our highlights on Instagram where we’ve shared some of our favorite organizational masterminds and pantry-focused accounts to inspire you.  

The Daily Feast is a pantry box and subscription service that makes curating your home pantry simple, affordable, and fun. We're not a meal subscription service. Our chef-curated pantry boxes deliver full-size artisanal ingredients every month (available once or as a subscription) with companion recipes, and cook-alongs available in The Daily Feast app, so you can learn to love the ingredients by using them the way our chefs do. Shop our current pantry boxes here.