How It Works

Not another meal subscription service.

We believe that with just a few ingredients and the insight of our chefs, you can be a hero in your own kitchen. That is why we asked top chefs to curate and fill our pantry boxes with their favorite artisan ingredients alongside simple to make recipes accessible from The Daily Feast App.

Think of us as your digital sous chef. We're your recipe book, a pantry subscription service, smart kitchen sous, and a place to get cooking inspiration from world-class chefs and a food community— all simmered low and slow into one delicious home cooking experience made up of two main parts:

Our Pantry Boxes and Subscriptions

What You'll Find:

  • Everything You Need to Curate the Best Home Pantry selected by our chef curators 

Our Recipe App

What You'll Find:

  • Recipes created by our chef curators walking your through everything to create a thoughtful pantry at home
  • Cooking Videos
  • Tips, Tricks, and more information on how our chefs curate their pantry at home.