How It All Started

Cooking at home should be fun.

That’s where we come in.

The Daily Feast is a pantry box and subscription service that makes curating your home pantry simple, affordable, and fun. We're not a meal subscription service. Our chef-curated pantry boxes deliver full-size artisanal ingredients every month (available once or as a subscription) with companion recipes, and cook-alongs available in The Daily Feast app, so those at home can learn to love the ingredients by using them the way our chefs do.

The process of searching for recipes and then having to go out to buy ingredients can be downright stressful, especially if your hectic schedule makes it difficult to put an exciting meal on the table. We lived through this and that’s what got us thinking about how we can make the recipe search and cooking process easier. 

Meet our guest chefs on our site and in the companion Daily Feast app, where you can learn how to use the specially curated items in each Daily Feast Monthly Pantry Subscription Box. Whether you are finding new ingredients you’ve never cooked with at home in our Comfort Foods of Asia Pantry Box curated by Chef Terri Dien or you’re finding a whole new way to eat sustainably in our Sustainability Box curated by chef Daniel Meuse, we know you’ll be eating better and enjoying it when you share your meals with us.

That's why we launched Daily Feast, to help you enjoy your meals at home more and give our users simple to execute recipes based on ingredients that they already have on hand.

Download the app and discover our latest pantry box: The Art of K-Food with Chef Dani Kim