Luca D'Orio


Born and raised in Catanzaro the capital of the southern region of Italy (Calabria), Chef Luca D'Orio developed his passion for food at a very early age.  He is influenced by the gastronomic culture common to all Italians, a simple yet complex way of preparing and preserving seasonal food.

Starting in his family's kitchen, Chef Luca learned to take great pride by watching how food was prepared from the art of making salumi to the canning of anything that was growing in the family garden, picked fresh from his neighbors, and often gathered straight out of the wild.

After working as a teen in a professional pastry laboratory, he obtained his culinary degree in Italy at the Professional Institute for hotel and restaurant service. He then ventured to the world, from London to South Africa back to Italy from the lake region to his hometown to finally land in CA, from Saratoga to San Francisco and  Sonoma coast for over ten years. Currently he is Chef for the Italian branded concept cafe with Compass Group.

Enjoy Chef Luca's Daily Feast Dining Al Fresco Box.

Follow Chef Luca's Instagram: @lucadchef.